Burglar Alarm Maintenance Bristol

Besides supplying and installing, at CAP Security we also offer a comprehensive burglar alarm maintenance service for companies in Bristol and surrounding areas.

If your system fails, it will often be far too late before you find out! The best protective measure is to schedule regular, thorough maintenance check of your burglar alarm systems.

What’s involved in our Burglar Alarm Maintenance Service?

We will test all sounders and strobe lights, we test both the alarm control panel battery and the siren battery.

We test for correct function of all detection, attack and fire devices.

We take all panel circuit board readings and log these, if we have a history we compare readings to the previous readings looking for unexpected changes indicating a possible fault. We check and record the alarm activation memory (Log) we compare this to the previous log and discus any concerns with our customer.

We also update the customers key holder details and send any changes to the Police as required for owners of intruder alarm systems.

Our Burglar Alarm Maintenance Service includes –

We will write to our customer informing them that there alarm is due for a service. We alsol include a genuine money off voucher with this letter, and if we do not receive a reply we will send a second and third letter.

Some customers who are very busy ask that we telephone them if they do not respond to our letters, this is a request often made by our busy long term customers. We DO NOT expect our customer to remember to contact us, we will always contact them.

As well as a genuine service discount voucher, all regular customers receive a genuine 10% reduction in labour and parts charges helping them when parts do have to be replaced.

We also offer 24 hour 7 day call out and free telephone advice to our regular customers, emergency call out to non-service customers will be considered but often not offered by us.

If an alarm system is required by our customers insurers, the fact that we send a new twelve month service contract document to or customer after every service will help in showing that the alarm has been maintained as expected by the insurers.

Brands of Security Systems we install

With our years of experience and expertise as burglar alarm installers and servicers, you can be sure that any faults will be diagnosed and corrected long before they become a dangerous, and likely expensive issue.