Door Entry Systems

Door Entry Systems or as some call them Access Control Systems come in all shapes and sizes and can be fitted to most types of Entry Doors. A system could be a simple keypad and lock system or a more complicated HID access control system. A simple system uses a basic technology which comprises of an external devices fitted at entry doors which when operated by a user sends a current (Voltage) to a device which unlocks the door.
Security access control systems use a different technology such as HID, when a user at an entry door enters a keypad code or presents a proximity token to a proximity reader, a secret binary code is sent to an internal device fitted on the inside of the entry door, this device then sends current (Voltage) to the door un-locking device.

With security access control systems attacking the outside keypad or proximity token reader will not allow access even if the intruder brings a power supply such as a battery as a binary code is required not current.


Security can be improved with a video door entry system such as a Videx system, Videx door entry systems offer the normal voice only option or a system with both audio door entry complimented by video door entry. With video door entry a small CCTV Camera (Colour or Monochrome) is built into the door speech panel enabling the user to see who is calling prior to pressing the door entry handset door unlock button.
Another form of access control system is a wireless access control system. The wireless access control system we offer comprises of an external entry door speech unit which can be connected to 12volts or powered from two C type batteries. Inside the secured property can be up to four wireless telephone handsets, these handsets not only act as door entry but if the master handset and its charging station are connected to a telephone point, the handsets act as wireless door entry handsets and telephone handsets.

Systems can also be hands free that is a user could engage a caller in speech without lifting a finger. A hands free door entry system would comprise of an external door entry speech panel and a call button with up to four internal wall mounted speaker units. When a caller presses the external speech unit call button, the internal wall mounted speaker will buzz alerting the user to the call, a green LED will light indicating that two minutes of two way speech has begun. The user can then speak to the caller without lifting a fimger and if required, press a large wireless button causing the door to unlock for a set time.

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