Will a salesmen call?

During the enquiry stage, we use experienced engineers not salesmen, prices are usually sent by post and are not followed up. We do not apply pressure in order to obtain an order, we simply quote for the work required, if you want to use us, simply let us know we have no intention of hounding customers for orders.
As required by European Regulation, a written risk assessment will be carried out of the dwelling/premises and the correct grade (1, 2, 2X, 3 or 4) will be recommended. The benefits of both a wireless alarm and hardwired will be explained at the first survey.

Will you do the job properly?

We will say yes, but you do not know that we will do the job correctly, however our engineers are not on bonus and are not in a hurry to get on to their next job. The work we carry out will take as long as required to do it properly, servicing does not simply mean test to see if the detectors and siren works then send a bill, servicing means the above and also various electrical test which are compared with our records, doing so will help us in finding faults and any potential faults.
Furthermore, as we guarantee our work and are available 24 hours a day, doing the job properly in the first place means we do not have to come back.
We specialise in homes of quality so if you are looking for a cheap install and do not particularly care about the decor of your home, we may not be the best company to use, on the other hand, if you own a home and are concerned as to correct installation of the alarm and the decor of your home after the installation of an alarm system, you should consider our services.

Please ask your proposed installer how many hours will be spent installing the alarm system, we frequently deal with customers who have gone for the cheaper quote not realising the installer would spend eight to ten hours less than we had allowed to carry out the same work. On one occasion a customer telephoned to state that he liked our design and what we had to say but we were £80 more expensive than a rival, we informed the customer that we had allowed for three engineers for one day, our rival had allowed for one engineer for one day! The customer has purchased two alarms from us to date and we are currently working on his alarm in his third house.

Do you follow any procedures or standards?

Buyer be aware!
Many installers simply do not bother with following standards yet alone correct testing and logging readings taken during installation. We install service and repair to the latest European intruder alarm standards and are inspected by the SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board), who are one of the two security product national inspectorates which means that any work we carry out can be inspected at any time now or in the future. Insurers will likely require alarm companies to be NSI or SSAIB approved.

Whilst the end user will likely not know if we have followed the correct installation procedures, we do not know which of our systems or repairs will be inspected by the SSAIB inspectors. We install to the correct standards because a) that is the way we work and b) because we cannot risk doing otherwise.

What if the alarm has a fault?

In line with current standards, we offer a genuine 24-hour call out service; the current standard stipulates that we have to be on site within four hours of any call; however this is a maximum as we usually attend 60 or so minutes after being called.

Do you carry insurance?

We carry public liability insurance, failure to perform insurance and wrongful advice insurance.

How can I pay for the work?

We accept cash and cheques and also accept most major credit and debit cards.

I am thinking of a wireless alarm!

We install both hard wired (cabled) and wireless alarm systems, had wired alarms are well suited for high security applications however those who do not wish to have the upheaval of a cabled system often select wireless. We offer both and will explain the different options so the customer can chose.

How soon can you install the alarm?

To be honest, not very soon, typically ten days from order but we can lend you an alarm! Let’s take a typical we want an alarm tomorrow customer (just been burgled, wife wants to move home, kids can’t sleep etc.). We call in on day one and lend the customer a wireless alarm, the siren works from a battery charged by solar power and is screwed to the outside wall by two small screws, we use Velcro (no damage from Velcro) to attach wireless detectors around the property including a front door contact. The customer’s home (even commercial premises) is armed in about one hour. We then spend four to five days designing and quoting for an alarm system, the customer is happy with, we then install the proper system some ten days after the installation of the wireless alarm (which we remove whilst fitting the full alarm system). As we have installed a full alarm system no charges are made for the loan of the wireless alarm.

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