Curtain Motor


The first requirement before ordering a purpose made motorised curtain track is to have a survey carried out, during which the straight or bay window dimensions will be taken. The type of mount brackets for the track will be decided and any extension requirement to position the track away from a wall measured, for example to move the curtain away from a wall over a radiator.

Once the track has been ordered, C.A.P staff will return within a week or so and install the new track, motor and controls. The standard fitting will be with an open/close wall switch and an infrared remote control, which can open, close and stop the curtains.

In addition to the above controls a wall mounted time clock could be installed so as to open and close the curtains at a set time, or a photocell unit which will close the curtains 15 minutes after dusk and open the curtains 15 minutes after sunrise. The 15 minute delay is to prevent car headlights or clouds from fooling the censor.

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